Our quality management system complies with the IFS-FOOD standard. Among other advantages, it implies a continuous improvement of our own quality systems to offer greater confidence to our customers.

IFS Food is a food safety standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) for companies that manufacture food products or other companies that package bulk food products. It focuses on the safety and food quality of processed products.

Global G.A.P

GGlobal G.A.P Fruits and Vegetables is a quality management system. Its purpose is to agree standards and procedures for the development of good agricultural practices (GAP). This system was born as an initiative of European retailers and supermarkets in 1997. The goals of Global GAP are to reduce risks, ensuring food quality and safety in primary production, also focusing on implementing the best practices to ensure a sustainable production with fewer chemicals and greater food safety.

Global G.A.P – GRASP

Good Agricultural Practices apply not only to products but also to people.

GRASP helps producers to establish a good social management system on their farms. It offers buyers an additional warranty. It also helps protecting one of the most important resources of the farm: its people.


We have a traceability system that consists of a software designed specifically to satisfy the needs of the sector.

Real-time information about the situation of the product from its entry into the warehouse until its delivery ensures its control at all times.

MADREMIA S.L. With the environment

Respect and protection of the environment have become one of our concerns to improve the environmental conditions of our planet and our own environment. We are aware of the consequences of proper management of our resources and of the immediate and positive effects that our professional contribution can have. Our practices are focused on achieving this goal through prevention, treatment and traceability plans.